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Victory Packing Company

The Victory Packing Company was a commercial seafood processing business located in the Point Cadet neighborhood of Biloxi, Mississippi. The company was owned and operated by Joe Leckich, Sr., John Ewing, and Bull Thornton.

The Victory Packing Company was nominated by the Slavic Benevolent Association. It is listed among other industry giants such as Anticich Canning Company and Mavar Shrimp & Oyster Company, Inc.

The Slavonian Lodge describes Victory Packing as being recognized for substantial contributions to the region.

The nomination letter goes on to state “Subsequent generations have flourished because of the continuing commitment to preserve Croatian ideals of a strong family union, a powerful work ethic and generous service to the community.” To this end, the Victory Packing Company exemplified all of these traits, and its legacy carries on as an integral part of the history of the seafood industry.


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