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Sea Coast Packing Company, Inc.

The Sea Coast Packing Company, located in the Point Cadet neighborhood of Biloxi, Mississippi was founded by a group of Slavic (now known as Croatian) fishermen following their acquisition of the Martin Fountain Packing Company from the First National Bank of Biloxi. Notable founding individuals included Steve M. Sekul, Peter C. Sekul, Peter Pavlov, Sr. and Nicholas Cerenich. Upon its opening in 1932, the company was designed to employ two hundred people at full operation. The company functioned for 37 years until Hurricane Camille in 1969. Years later in 1992, following the legalization of gambling on the Gulf Coast, the Isle of Capri casino was built in the Sea Coast Packing Company location. Today, that location is the Golden Nugget Casino.

The Sea Coast Packing Company was nominated by the Slavic Benevolent Association for its inclusion in the Hall of Fame. Sea Coast was listed among other industry giants such as Anticich Canning Company and Mavar Shrimp & Oyster Company, Inc. These companies were recognized for their significant contribution to both the Gulf Coast and the Slavic community. These immigrants originally journeyed to the Gulf Coast from Croatia, searching for a better way of life. The Sea Coast Packing Company is yet another institution which exemplified the ideals and values of these hard-working individuals.


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