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The VICKY G was built in 1933 by Martin Fountain Sr. It was a notable vessel, having been made from first grove cypress for the Cruso’s Canning Company. The boat, a 42-foot Biloxi lugger was outfitted and customized with equipment for fishing, specifically the unique trawls designed by its owner and captain, Russell Glavan, and his father. It was one of the most efficient and productive working boats among the shrimp fleet, as documented by multiple newspapers.

One article documented what is considered one of the largest catches for a boat its size, known as a “braille-haul”. When the trip line was released, over two thousand pounds of shrimp was on the deck of the VICKY G. This was a record haul made in a popular fishing area known as the Creole Gap. Multiple pictures taken by fishermen in the area captured this historic moment.


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