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Built in 1935 by master boat-builder Jules Galle, the PROGRES was originally owned by Marco Anticich of Anticich Canning Co. The 40-foot Biloxi lugger was purchased the following year in still new condition by Mr. Arthur Baker. Capitalizing on her versatility, the PROGRES was used for harvesting shrimp, and when the season ended, Captain Baker would make modifications and put her to work as a fishing charter boat. As the Baker family resided on Deer Island, just across the channel from the Biloxi mainland, Arthur would ferry his sons to school aboard the PROGRES when she was not busy at work.

In later years, the ownership of the PROGRES was assumed by Arthur’s son, Donald Baker. He maintained ownership until the completion of his new boat, the BEN DORA in 1985, and the lugger was sold and relocated to Bayou le Batre, Alabama. The Baker family has not seen the boat since Hurricane Katrina battered the area, but still keep an eye out for their old family friend.


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