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Fletcher Adam Songe, Sr.

Fletcher Adam Songe was born in 1906 in Beaumont, Texas. His family would move to New Iberia, Louisiana when Fletcher was twelve years old. Fletcher got his start in the seafood industry at the age of sixteen when he began working as a deck hand. Fletcher was able to gain experience leading him to become a captain. At the age of twenty, Fletcher began captaining various boats for seafood processing companies. Fletcher operated vessels for the Seacoast, Kuluz Brothers, and Dubaz factories. Fletcher continued working for these companies until age twenty-six when he acquired his own boat.

In 1936, Songe married Bernice Broussard Songe. They were parents to three children, Lois A. Wescovich, Fetcher Adam Songe Jr. and Gerald J. Songe. In 1940, Fletcher purchased a boat affectionately named Bernice S, a 35-foot wooden ship complete with a mast rig and trawl. Fletcher ran this boat for over twenty-four years and kept it in great condition, taking it in to the shipyard when repairs were needed. Songe was a member of the Fleur De Lis Society (French Club), St. Michael Catholic Church, and the Shrimper’s Union.

Fletcher Adam Songe Sr. passed away in 1966 at the age of fifty years old. During his life, Fletcher was able to dedicate his time and energy to his beloved wife and children and to provide for his family during a time when many were struggling. Fletcher found meaningful work in an industry that he deeply loved.


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