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Falton J. "Poochie" Prevost

Falton J. Prevost, known affectionately as “Poochie,” was a lifetime fisherman from Vancleave, Mississippi. Throughout his life, he was both a boat owner and a commercial seafood processor. He was born on February 2, 1917, to Antoine Edward Prevost and Olympe Borel Prevost. Falton was one of eight children. Antoine was a native of Louisiana and would return there before he passed away in 1957, but Falton would build his career along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Coming of age around the onset of the Great Depression, Falton would have found considerable difficulty in providing for his family, he ultimately found work by pursuing fishing as a trade. Prevost would marry Rosie Agnes Broussard.

Rosie Broussard was born in Louisiana and came to Biloxi with her family. She would later move to Vancleave where she met Poochie. The two would have three daughters: Sherry, Pearl, and Sylvia Rose. While Rosie spent many years as a homemaker, she would join Poochie in fishing. Together, the two of them operated a shrimp boat named the Sylvia Rose, named after their daughter. In an era where many were struggling to make ends meet, Poochie and Rosie worked together to provide for their family from the plentiful seafood of the Gulf of Mexico.

Falton J. Prevost would continue operating the Sylvia Rose for forty years, until the time of his passing on May 23, 1983. Poochie spent a lifetime on the water. Like many dedicated fishermen along the Gulf Coast, he was able to find a trade that was both profitable as well as one that he loved.


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