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Biloxi lugger, length=45 feet; Wooden

Built in 1930 by Adolph “Doffie” Ross in Biloxi, MS. Named for his youngest son, Clyde Ross.

The CLYDE R was one of many boats built by Doffie Ross in the front yard of his family home on First Street in the Point Cadet area of Biloxi. The wooden lugger was owned and captained by Doffie and Maggie Ross.

Together with his eldest sons, Adolph “Buster”, Bill and Eley, Captain Doffie worked aboard the CLYDE R., harvesting seafood along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The ten years aboard the family-built vessel not only provided an income for the family, but also the opportunity for the younger Ross’s to gain knowledge within the trades they would continue to pursue.

In 1942, upon the completion of the MAGG DOFF, Ross’s final boat construction, the CLYDE R was sold out of the Ross family. Soon after, Doffie Ross retired, and he and Maggie moved to North Biloxi to find enjoyment in raising horses and chickens and gardening for their remaining years. The Ross descendants would go on to be fishermen, net makers and boat builders in their own right.


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