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Velma Dujmov Misko

Velma Dujmov Misko was a seafood worker from Biloxi Mississippi. Born in 1922, Velma was a member of what many would come to call “the greatest generation,” and though she immigrated to the United States, her work in the seafood factories no doubt had a lasting impact upon both the war effort and the economy of the Gulf Coast as a whole. Velma Dujmov was born in Croatia to Anthony and Stose Dujmov. Velma came to the United States at the age of eight and eventually settled in Biloxi. After growing up on the coast, she immediately set to work to provide for herself by pursuing employment in the seafood industry. This would become a career which she would hold throughout her life.

Velma Dujmov became a Misko when she married Joseph R. Misko Sr. Together; the two would raise six children including: Marie Misko Johnson, Lorraine Misko Joseph, Peter Misko, Joseph R. Misko Jr. Jerry Wayne Misko, and Keith William Misko. Velma Misko was a devout Catholic and a lifetime member of St. Michael’s Church. Her passion for her faith showed through her volunteer work, despite being both a fulltime mother and factory worker, Velma Misko devoted countless hours to her church. She volunteered in many capacities including working bazaars and bingo, as well as cleaning the church itself. In honor of her heritage, Velma was also a volunteer worker for Slavonia lodge bazaars. She was also a member of the St Michael’s Mother’s Club, and according to a Daily Hearld article which chronicled the actions of the club, Velma Misko received various awards for always being in attendance at meetings.

Velma Misko sent all of her children to St. Michael’s School and remain devoted to her family, faith, and occupation. She worked in the factories up until she became disabled at the age of sixty. Despite this, Velma lived for several more years and was fortunate enough to see a total of seventeen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Velma Dujmov Misko passed away at the age of seventy-six on August 30, 1998, in Ocean Springs. Velma Misko spent her life devoted to all things she loved. She is yet another example of an immigrant who arrived in this country and found the American Dream in Biloxi Mississippi.


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