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Union Fisheries

Union Fisheries was a commercial seafood processing business owned and operated by the Rosalis family. Portuguese businessman, Roy J. Rosalis, represented the company at a 1943 meeting in New Orleans to discuss the seafood prices ceiling, among other relevant topics concerning the industry. By 1948, Rosalis had plans to start a $50,000 fish sales company known as The Union Fisheries Sales, Inc. It would be headquartered on Bayview Aveneue at the home of the Union Fisheries. By 1958, Union Fisheries Sales was listed among wholesale dealers in Mississippi fishery products by The Daily Herald.

Roy Rosalis was also involved in the acquisition of the Biloxi Canning Company. William Bernard Taltavull would maintain ownership of the company for nearly twenty years, until his failing health led him to selling the business to two Portuguese businessmen; Roy J. Rosalis and Virgilio Dos Santos in 1943. The two men conveyed a 1/3 interest in the company to Armindo O. Soares. Soon after, Virgilio Dos Santos conveyed his remaining shares to Soares. Beginning in October of 1947, the company began operating under the name Aughinbaugh Canning Company. Rosalis and Soares would retain ownership of the factory throughout World War II up to 1958 when they leased the cannery to the Lawrence Warehouse Company in Chicago Illinois. The final days of the factory came in 1968, the charter was amended and name changed to Rosalis Inc.

The story of the Rosalis family is one deeply entrenched in the maritime and seafood industries of the Gulf Coast. Roy Rosalis’ unending work and contribution to this industry led to great success.


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