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R. Lusk and Son Boat Repair Launch and Ways

Richard Lusk, Sr. and son, Fred Lusk, Sr. began operating the Lusk Shipyard in 1919. This year, Fred Lusk left school his eighth-grade term to help his father in the boatbuilding and boat repair business located at 1439 East Beach in Biloxi.

With Fred beginning as “helper” to his “master carpenter” father, Richard, the two ultimately became co-owners of this family business. The Lusk Shipyard utilized three “ways”, or ramps to bring the vessels out of the water for the necessary repairs. When the work was completed, the boats would then be allowed to slide back into the water to resume their work in the seafood industry.

According to Biloxi City directories, the R. Lusk and Son Boat Repair Launch and Ways remained open at least until the early 1940’s. By 1949, the directory reflects Fred Lusk, Sr. was then owner of Lusk Seafood located on Howard Avenue.

For the years of contributions to the seafood industry, Richard Lusk, Sr. and Fred Lusk, Sr. are honored as tradesmen in the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum’s Heritage Hall of Fame.


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