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Serendipitously named the “MYSTERY”, the fishing vessel owned by Biloxi’s Mateo “Mike” Marinovich, mostly remains that… a mystery.

While little is known about its construction or history, this fishing vessel was instrumental in bountiful harvesting for Johnson Canning Company during the era of abundant seafood in Biloxi between the years of 1910-1928 and beyond.

Having immigrated from Milne, Brac Dalmatia, Austria in 1905, Mike immediately moved to Biloxi to begin his career in the seafood industry he and other Croatians heard was lucrative. As captain of the MYSTERY, Marinovich was able to provide for his family and instill a love for the area and the trade to his children. His son “Stevie” followed in his footsteps to become a fisherman which culminated in his contributions to net making. While one of many Biloxi fishing boats, the MYSTERY still holds its venerated spot in Biloxi’s tremendous history of maritime and seafood.


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