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Kuluz Bros Packing Company, Inc.

Kuluz Brothers Packing Company was a seafood processing company in Biloxi, Mississippi. Kuluz Brothers, like many of the other canneries located in Biloxi, was established by Croatian immigrants. These individuals included Matthew Kuluz, Tony Kuluz, Vincent Kuluz, and Nick Kuluz. Founded in 1929 on East Beach in Biloxi, the company specialized in the canning and distribution of a variety of seafood. The packing plant was located near Dubaz Brothers and the Sea Coast Packing Company. Kuluz brothers employed a number of prominent Biloxi citizens including Frank Gruich, Sr. In an oral history taken from Gruich, he recounts working with the Kuluz family and the honesty that went along with their position. He describes their surveying their workers, asking what time they came into work, and documenting their response in a notebook. This anecdote illustrated the trustworthy and loyal nature of the factory workers and the Kuluz Brothers.

In the nomination form for Kuluz Brothers Packing Company, the business is listed along with other Gulf Coast entities such as Anticich Canning Company, Mavar Shrimp & Oyster Company, Inc. and Gulf Central Seafood Company. Nominated by the Slavic Benevolent Association, Kuluz Brothers is honored as an entity which improved the lives of the Slavic community in Biloxi.


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