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Anna Faulk Broussard Landry

Born in Abbeville, Louisiana in 1909, Anna Faulk resided much of her life in Biloxi and was a dedicated worker in the seafood industry.

With her first husband, Lessaint “Blue” Broussard, Annie lived in “The Camps”, worked in the factories. Together, they had three sons and a daughter that also worked in the factories. All three of their sons continued working in the seafood industry later in life.

She would often regale her grandchildren with the stories of her work which included the DeJean and Kuluz Bros. factories. She told of how women would help care for each other’s children so they could work.

Widowed in 1957 with the passing of Lessaint, Annie continued working to help support her family and later remarried Harry Landry, the father of three sons and one daughter, all of Biloxi. She was an active member of the St. Michael Catholic Church Altar Society and a member of the Fleur de Lis Ladies Auxiliary.

Annie Broussard Landry never waited for anyone to take care of her, but rather, worked with dedication and her contributions to the seafood industry of the Gulf Coast are honored in this induction to the Maritime & Seafood Industry’s Heritage Hall of Fame.


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