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Designed and built, in 1956 by Master boat builder “Tony Jack” Covacevich, the SILVER KING III was a vessel familiar to John Compton, Sr. As the owner and operator of Compton Electrical Company, he installed the wiring on the vessel during its construction.

Some thirty-six years later, the SILVER KING III found her way back into the caring hands of the Compton family- this time, the hands were those of John’s now grown sons, Mark and John, Jr. The 65-foot wooden hull boat was rescued from the bayous of Alabama, when purchased from her recently bankrupted owner in 1992.

The brothers set about to bring her back to her previous glory, arranging for the work to be completed by the same Covacevich shipyard in which she was first created. Painstakingly, the boat, with her two-inch thick mahogany planks, was restored and re-christened by her first master builder, “Tony Jack” Covacevich. The SILVER KING III then took her place in the Chandeleur Charter fleet in 1993.

Sadly, the SILVER KING III met her untimely end in 2005, succumbing to the winds and waves of Hurricane Katrina. Her service to the Compton family and the fishing industry on the Mississippi Gulf Coast will be long remembered.


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