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Flagship Seafood

Leckich & Fayard Seafood Company, a processing plant in Biloxi, Mississippi, was founded in the early 1940s by Joseph P. Leckich and R.A. Fayard on Bayview Avenue in Biloxi. Operations began with full-service processing. The company sold fuel and ice and purchased shrimp from private boat owners and members of their own fleet. They began building this fleet in 1945, some of these boats included J.P. Leckich, Thelma Leckich, and R.A.

Joseph Leckich

Fayard. The company made use of numerous peeling machines, shrimp heading tables, and shrimp graders. Their product was packaged under the name “Jumbo Brand.”

Joseph H. Leckich was the son of Joseph P. Leckich and Thelma Tremmel Leckich. After working summer breaks in the factory, he graduated from Notre Dame High School and went on to Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. He then spent four years in the U.S. Army and returned to the Gulf Coast, becoming the managing partner of Leckich & Fayard from 1959 to 1989. As managing partner, he oversaw all operations of the factory. He was involved in every aspect of production, from the purchase of raw product, to the selling of the finished product and all details in between. Joseph H. Leckich was instrumental in establishing the “Jumbo Brand” as one of the most respected brands in the country. Joseph married Cordelia G. Leckich and they were parents to five children. In 1989, Joseph and his brother Wayne sold their stock in the business to their descendants.

After stepping away from Leckich & Fayard Seafood Company, Joseph H. Leckich opened Flagship Seafood in 1989. He also owned and operated Leckich Sales, a shrimp trading company from 2000 to 2006. Joseph H. Leckich passed away in 2012, but his memory and the legacy of Leckich & Fayard lives on. In his nomination letter, David J. Leckich (son of Joseph H. Leckich) recalls a time when he and his three brothers worked a total of one hundred and eight hours within a single week in the factory. Throughout that entire process, Joseph H. Leckich was present, working alongside them. This level of dedication and hard work combined with knowledge of the industry and years of experience contribute to the sterling legacy of Leckich & Fayard Seafood Company as one of Biloxi’s finest seafood processors.


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