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Biloxi Lugger, length=47.7; beam=5.9

Built in 1936 by Oral “Fatty Jack” Covacevich of Covacevich Brothers Shipyard, Biloxi, MS

Owned by Gregory Taliancich and Mathews Taliancich

The EVA MARIE was commissioned to be built and purchased by brothers Gregory and Mathews (pronounced Mato) Taliancich in 1936. She was named for the owners’ sisters, Eva and Mary. It was by mutual agreement that Gregory (Grego) would serve as captain. The EVA MARIE was an Oil Screw with a Gas Screw 36 hp Lathrop motor. In 1940, the engine was changed by Kennedy Brothers to a 70 hp Oil Caterpillar Diesel.

In open season, the EVA MARIE was employed in the harvesting of shrimp and oysters. At the end of oyster season, the vessel was then used to transport watermelon from Bayou La Batre, Alabama to New Orleans, Louisiana, returning home to her berth at Kuluz Brothers Canning Company when the run finished. Her owners capitalized on her “down time” before the next season opened each August by working tirelessly on her upkeep. The painting, cleaning and general maintenance was no easy task, but the brothers cared for her as they knew she was the key to the support of their families.

In 1945, Mato sold his share of the partnership to Grego, and the EVA MARIE continued to serve in both business and pleasure. She provided priceless memories of summer outings for family and friends as they fished, crabbed and swam at Ship Island and Horn Island. The EVA MARIE was always in line to receive her blessing at the Annual Blessing of the Fleet before each shrimp season. Extended family would often come from Louisiana to enjoy overnight outings.

Due to changing times, Gregory decided to sell the EVA MARIE in 1953 bringing the captain/vessel partnership to a close. The Biloxi seafood industry will be forever indebted to the contributions of this hardworking team.


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