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Build by Thomas “Sonny” Moore in 1947 for Roland Creel Sr., the Alvera C was a 31 ton, Biloxi Lugger, 53.2 feet long. It was captained by both Roland Creel Sr. and Roland Creel Jr. Because of Roland Creel Jr.’s whimsical sense of humor, the Alvera C. was painted blue instead of the traditional fishing vessel colors. Other unique characteristics of the boat include the mermaids painted on the bow and “Charlie Tuna” on the stern. The boat was named for Alvera Creel Lawrence, daughter of Roland Creel Sr. and Helen Blahovic Creel, a factory worker. The vessel was a fixture in the annual Blessing of the Fleet, held at the beginning of each shrimping season for the last nine decades. Both Roland Creel Sr. and Roland Jr. served as King of the Biloxi Blessing of the Fleet. Roland Sr. served in 1961 and Roland Jr. in 1977. They were the first father and son to ever both serve as King of the historic Biloxi tradition.

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